How colour coding will please your eye.

I am a colour coding activist. My husband rolls his eyes at me when I lay our grocery shopping at checkout organising it by colour. And even if I may come across as OCD, I do it whenever I can.

And wherever I can: the lingerie drawer, the glass cabinet in the dining room, my child’s toys in his room… And I would like to convince my readers to try and do it somewhere in the house and see the difference.

Even something as boring as a raw of detergents can be eye-pleasing:

colour coding detergents

Detergents out of reach but not out of sight? Colour code them!

More delicate and pretty glasses deserve to be organised in a gorgeous display cabinet, just like this:

colour coding glass cabinet

Rainbow effect in the glass cabinet.

And last but not least, a classic: colour coding for your library. My library is white so it offers the perfect blank canvas for the colourful books to pop:

colour coding bookshelf

Colours separated by white, a classic library styling.

Give it a try! Any attempt you would like to share?


Colour coding ideas



You are cordially invited to Styling Notes’ birthday party

Welcome to Styling Notes first birthday party!

Yes, it’s been 12 months since my Notes turned up on the web for the first time, and I think the readers and I should celebrate – with an imaginary party!

Picture this: summer sunset, a beautiful deck on the beach, palm trees lightened from the bottom up, black-and-white classic movies projected on a big screen, benches and sofas covered in colourful patterned  cushions, threads of fairy lights framing the sky above us. Then just add music, drinks, and food from all over the world.

After the welcome drinks, I will sincerely thank everyone who read the blog even just once, all of you known and unknown visitors that showed up in the site statistics next to your tiny flag: Australia, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Croatia, Germany, Ireland … It’s great to know that you’re going through the blog, and hopefully getting inspired!

After a few more drinks, it will be time to cut the cake – although we won’t need an actual knife, as it’s a tower of dainty cupcakes.

When crumbs and paper cases are all that’s left of the tower, I, as Styling Notes’ editor, will proudly unwrap the (imaginary) presents, consisting pretty much of …


The book

Dior Couture ($180)

The gown

Elie Saab haute couture

The accessory

Alain Mikli damier frames


The perfume


The linens

Frette hotel classic set in white

The piece of jewellery

Dior Diorette aquamarine and white gold (GBP 8600)

The handbag

Bottega Veneta Campana bag in ebony ($2680)


The holiday

Morocco, at the Four Seasons in Marrakesh

The piece of furniture

Hot pink Thonet chair ($180)


The flowers


Happy Birthday Styling Notes, and a huge thank you to all readers!