Kids room styling

kids room styling

This is the room I have most fun styling in the whole house – who would have said that only 3 years ago!

I think kids room must be bright, organised, easy to clean, uncluttered, playful, and relaxing at the same time.

This is what I did with my 2-year-old boy’s room in our Swiss apartment.


The room is rectangular, simply white walls and ceiling, light timber floors, one large window as wide as the whole back wall.

As a basic feng-shui rule recommends, I placed the bed as far as possible from the entrance door, in a corner, so that feet don’t point at the door, and head rests against a solid wall.

Alongside the bed-head wall, I placed an open bookcase for books and toys, and on the opposite wall the 2 metres wide wardrobe.

At the centre of the room there’s a generous space for Oliver to play, on the floor or on his little table that travels often between his room and the living area.

Here’s a sketch of the layout:

kids room layoutCOLOURS

To create a playful but uncluttered space, I opted for white furniture, against which the many many colours of books and toys are even more fun, without creating a visual mess.

I had in mind painting the walls a dark shade of blue-grey, to create more contrast with the furniture, but this past winter has been so wet and depressing I am not so sure (sometimes I forget I’m not in Australia anymore!).

kids bed styling



I chose an open bookshelf so that we could have a beautiful display of colourful toys and books, which are the soul of the room.

Our white lacquered IKEA bookshelf is divided into 16 cubes, and for each I picked a theme or a main colour. In this simple way, objects are grouped nicely and look even more attracting to kids: we have the vehicles cube, the animals cube, the blue books cube, the white books cube, the soft toys cube, the timber toys cube…

You can do this with floating shelves as well, but I find these cubes are easier to keep clean and tidy.

kids bookshelf styling



I am a recently converted to to the Mari Kondo method of home (life?) organising. It gives me such a sense of calm and satisfaction when I see all the clothes almost-perfectly rolled, aligned, all visible at the same time for a conscious and effective choose of outfit!

If you haven’t read the book, get it here, if like me you’ve got no patience and just wanna now NOW, search for Mari Kondo interviews, videos, articles, and Pinterest pins.

I find the not very deep drawers of IKEA wardrobes are perfect for storing clothes, and I organise my boy’s neatly among 4 sections:

  1. underwear, sleepwear, swimwear
  2. pants, tops and sweaters
  3. bed linen and bibs
  4. larger blankets and towels

wardrobe organising

Finally, I gave a warm, personal touch by hanging or displaying handmade timber items that were carved or painted by friends, or that I bought at the fleas markets.

Hand-painted timber keepsake box and hard-carved timber toys

Hand-painted timber keepsake box and hard-carved timber toys


Italian nursery rhyme painted on a timber star

Italian nursery rhyme painted on a timber star


Timber stars 1 metre wide, with name bunting (one is for baby coming in a few months!)

Timber stars 1 metre wide, with name bunting (one is for baby coming in a few months!)




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