September shoe shopping: 10 end-of-season investments full of personality

It’s the end of summer and I’m not ready to let it go. This will be my first full winter in Switzerland and I’m afraid it will be freezing snowy never-ending cold. Especially after spending the last 8 winters in Australia…

I’m looking now at shoes: something on sale or under $300, but not too summery, so that it can be worn in the next few months, but still be great for next year.

These are my favourite 10, full of personality and available to buy now online.


KI6? WHO ARE YOU? décolleté, €159 on

11077091go_14_fDolce e Gabbana white pumps with black stars, €257 on

44929432dq_14_fGianbattista Valli, hot pink and silver ballet flats, €124 on


Bill Blass sutton embellished loafers, $194 on


Dsquared2 green décolleté with gold leaf, €230 on


Kate Spade go glitter taxi flats, $278 on


Charlotte Olympia printed high-top sneakers, €233 on



Steve Madden Pampered Pewter Heeled Shoes, $86 on


Ted Baker Savveniers multicolor pumps, £139.99 on


Just Cavalli ankle boots, $159 on


Creepy fashion

Brace yourself for the ultimate in organic fashion.

It’s recycled, it’s different, it’s full of personality: it’s creepy fashion.

Clothes and accessories aren’t necessarily made out of fabric. There’s leather, metallic fibres, paper, PVC, and many synthetic fibres.

The search for the unexpected is not new to the industry, but when is it that designers cross the imaginary line of the acceptable?

A few days ago I came across this ring.

rabbit vertebrae ring

I was immediately intrigued by the organic look and shape, which I thought to be something between a mushroom and a one-of-a-kind stone. But nope: we are looking at a ring flaunting a rabbit vertebrae.

Would you feel comfortable wearing it? Is it or isn’t it creepy? If deboning, cooking, and eating rabbit is fine, why not recycling bones and converting them into unusual pieces of jewellery?Available here.

Far less subtle is this other ring, featuring a coyote’s claw.


It’s a nail we’re talking about. A nail that has been taken out of a dead animal to be polished and carefully incorporated into a ring – dangerous to wear to say the least. From Bone Jewellery on Etsy.

Moving into human territory, let me tell you about this jacket.

chest_hair jacket $3900

The garment is the result of the work of ten designers, commissioned by a dairy products brand, and was used for a promotional campaign. The interesting thing here is that it’s made of male chest hair. What else?! It’s about time we moved past animal fur and into human locks.

This piece is certainly natural and respectful of animals, but would you wear it? Sexy or ticklish?

Indeed expensive, as it was sold at auction for $6,800.

My styling tip: spray your favourite man’s cologne on it.

Dulcis in fundo, here comes the fairy.

human tooth pendant necklace

Always wondered what the tooth fairy did with all those teeth? Apparently she’s into DIY jewellery, as this quirky neckpiece demonstrates: human teeth of all shapes and sizes are coated in a preservative varnish and than transformed into a pendant.

How would you feel about carrying around your neck somebody else’s tooth? If you fancy the idea, this pendant is just around $20 on Etsy. But expect some creepy looks.

Enough now. I think I’m going to keep my white gold ring on, wrap myself in a woollen cardigan, and wear my brass and paper New York necklace.

Got the blues?

If you’re feeling blue, no worries – I’ve got exactly what you need!

Whether you feel like aqua, turquoise or electric blue, you are spoiled for choice right now.

If you want you blues to stand out, pair them with neutrals (white, grey and beige) or a rich chocolate brown (for the lighter shades of blue).

Whatever hemisphere you’re in, the colour of the water will revitalise your day both in spring and in autumn. Feel free to abuse!

all things blue from Styling Notes for a fresh look

Tory Burch chain and leather triple-wrap bracelet $125; blagger nail polish from Butter $15; Bad Habit shell top $59;  Lee straight twilight rinse jeans $149; Casadei sling-backs $435; Coccinelle shopper handbag EUR225; Elle Macpherson The Impressionist balconette bra $65; Elle Macpherson Quaint Revolution g-string $20; Giuliano Fujiware eyewear.

Jewellery world tour

Sit down now, and relax.
I want to take you on a jewelery-shopping trip around the world.
Just follow me, and keep a debit card within reach.

JAPAN: Concrete rings by Studio 22 on (USD49,00)

HONG KONG: Shannnam Fragmented Chronicles resin rings (EUR72,00 – 82,00 each)

ISRAEL: Alaya Bar necklace and earrings are available online on Mon Petit Chou (AUD189,00 and 149,00)

TURKEY: Anatolia lion silver ring available at The Family Jewels for AUD67,00

POLAND: Honeycomb ring by Carolina Bik (USD80,00) on Object Fetish

ITALY: La Hormiga fairy and squirrel earrings EUR67,00; adjustable ring EUR34,00; gold-plated owl earrings EUR62,00; asymmetrical flower and bee earrings EUR84,00. All from La Hormiga online shop

FRANCE: Taratata pewter bracelets EUR 40.80 and  EUR 57,00 (on sale) from Olivolga

SPAIN: Spanish & Sisters green modernist bracelet, EUR80 on their e-shop

USA: Gotham City ring by Noir, USD239,00 on Charm and Chain

USA: Juicy Cotoure designs from L.A.: pearl earrings and perrot drops earrings GBP50 each pair on from Selfridges; hummingbird bangle USD98 on Juicy Couture e-shop

MEXICO: Carmen Zambrano silver gift ring from Lost at a Minor (AUD120)

ARGENTINA: Pebeta Teta earrings sets GBP10,50 each from Ans Designs