September shoe shopping: 10 end-of-season investments full of personality

It’s the end of summer and I’m not ready to let it go. This will be my first full winter in Switzerland and I’m afraid it will be freezing snowy never-ending cold. Especially after spending the last 8 winters in Australia…

I’m looking now at shoes: something on sale or under $300, but not too summery, so that it can be worn in the next few months, but still be great for next year.

These are my favourite 10, full of personality and available to buy now online.


KI6? WHO ARE YOU? décolleté, €159 on

11077091go_14_fDolce e Gabbana white pumps with black stars, €257 on

44929432dq_14_fGianbattista Valli, hot pink and silver ballet flats, €124 on


Bill Blass sutton embellished loafers, $194 on


Dsquared2 green décolleté with gold leaf, €230 on


Kate Spade go glitter taxi flats, $278 on


Charlotte Olympia printed high-top sneakers, €233 on



Steve Madden Pampered Pewter Heeled Shoes, $86 on


Ted Baker Savveniers multicolor pumps, £139.99 on


Just Cavalli ankle boots, $159 on


Shoes in Vogue

Ah, the joy of unwrapping American Vogue and flipping through the magazine as if it was a 600-courses degustation meal!

It used to bother me that the first 200 pages are ads, but now I see it like a sneak pick into all the major fashion houses collections – and most pictures are a work of art anyway.

It’s a paper runway, and this time the shoes had all of my attention.

Yes, this is the best of the best. Yes, these shoes come with a 4-digits price. But before you know it, similar designs will be available in affordable versions and become mainstream.

You’d better pick your favourite now…

Shoes – My Vicini crush

I was going to university in Padua back in 2004 when, while window-shopping after class, the most beautiful foot-jewellery stole my heart.
Imagine a futuristic, pointy sneaker with a gold glittery surface as rough as 50-grit sandpaper. It was love at first sight. But the price tag said 200 Euro, pretty much four Saturdays of pay …
While I talked about them passionately, my girlfriends were immune to the sparkling charm of the shoes I adored, and kept questioning the worth of the investment. I got their point: my nightlife consisted of free-entry Wednesday nights at the student club, after all. Luxury sneakers are not exactly the most appropriate shoes to wear in winter on the bus, on the train, at university, and back home.

That was the first time I met a pair of Vicini. I later discovered that the label was quite well-established in luxury made-in-Italy manufacturing, also producing Giuseppe Zanotti designs.

In the end, I didn’t get the sneakers, but they stayed in my heart and my mind for all these years.
Too bad I can’t find a picture of my crush online, but have a look at the silver version  plus some amazing recent designs.