Desperate styling of a dining bar

I was living with my husband in a temporary accommodation during the months of my renovation. It was a dark, small, dusty studio apartment in a complex of 24, directly on a busy intersection.

What we used as a dining table was a wall shelf, 30cm deep. That was the “table” of the apartment (I should really say room). Eating was hilarious: we were sitting on high chairs, side by side, with just enough room for a large dish each, and when going forward with our heads to eat something above the plate, we almost hit the wall. Staring at the wall was inevitable, as looking at each other was too uncomfortable. Not to mention catching a glimpse of the tv, which required turning our heads by 180 degrees.

That’s why I decided to come up with something to save that shelf. Something ironic, as ironic was the whole dining situation.

I hung a print of Gustavo Fring, the amazing double-faced character from the HBO series Breaking Bad, and placed a huge vase of red tulips in front of it to resemble the offerings of flowers in front of sacred images.

Triumph of tulips for Gustavo Fring.

Triumph of tulips for Gustavo Fring.


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