Desperate styling of a dining bar

tulips and gustavo fring

I was living with my husband in a temporary accommodation during the months of my renovation. It was a dark, small, dusty studio apartment in a complex of 24, directly on a busy intersection.

What we used as a dining table was a wall shelf, 30cm deep. That was the “table” of the apartment (I should really say of the room). Eating was hilarious: we were sitting on high chairs, side by side, with just enough room in front of us for a plate each, and when bending slightly forward to eat, we almost hit the wall. Staring at the wall was inevitable, as looking at each other was too uncomfortable. Not to mention catching a glimpse of the tv, which required turning our heads by 180 degrees.

That’s why I thought I had to come up with something to save

as ironic as the whole dining situation we had to face every evening.

I decided to hang a print of Gustavo Fring, the amazing double-faced character from the HBO series Breaking Bad, and placed a huge vase of red tulips in front of it. It reminds me of the offerings of flowers in front of sacred images in a church – but between a saint and Gustavo Fring, the distance could not be bigger!


Contemporary bathroom styling

In this bathroom with dark wall and floor tiles (concrete look, chocolate colour), the white vanity is the stand-out piece and where the attention focuses.

I styled it in three ways.

ONE, objects are grouped at both sides of the basin. On one side perfumes and lotions, displayed on a mirrored tray, on the other side a bunch of white freesias and a potted orchid (not in bloom at the moment, just green leaves).

Bathroom styling.

Bathroom styling.

TWO, I added some colour and a provincial touch grouping lavender flowers in a manson jar, and leaving just the orchid leaves on the other side.

Bathroom styling

Bathroom styling, with lavender.

THREE, This is a more minimal styling, not so practical for everyday use of the bathroom. It’s good for a guest bathroom or for putting a property on the market. I used white Singapore orchids in a Murano glass vase, a small jar with volcanic pebbles, and a beautiful big candle in the shape of a horse chess piece (by Seletti). I hung a long Indian tassel to the door handle to add personality.

Bathroom styling.

Bathroom styling.

Farewell Australia garden party

This farewell party was intimate and much heart-felt.

I wanted the warmth of the sentiment to come through the ambience as well, so I chose natural colours and textures like timber, straw, greenery, clay pots, and a rustic wire basket.

Farewell garden party buffet.

Farewell garden party buffet.

A thank you note was handwritten for each guest on brown recycled paper, and was hanging on a rope like clothes to dry.

Thank you notes for all the guests

Thank you notes for all the guests

The rest of the patio and garden was simply decorated with neutral colours.

garden party sitting area

garden party sitting area

Academy Awards 2014 – My Oscars fashion

The Oscars night is more of an Oscars morning, if you live in Australia.

Hollywood’s Sunday night is Sydney’s Monday morning, so the best you can do is to keep an eye on a website covering the event: the arrivals on the red carpet, the show, and the winners. Unless, of course, you plan on catching the replay on TV, in which case you need to stay away from it all.

And then there’s the fashion. It’s the moment for designers and stylists to shine. Who cares about the actors, when we can comment on every single choice of outfit like a panel of experts!

Well, it’s easy to judge somebody else’s job, but how would I go?

Find here the two looks I’ve created for the night. And don’t even worry about the price tags:  when it’s for the Oscars, it’s all borrowed!


Best Female Actress in a Leading Role:

Oscars outfit in black and gold by StylingNotes

Aurelie Bidermann gold cuff bracelet; Jason Wu gown; Giuseppe Zanotti heels; Hedone Romane earrings.



Best Female Actress in a Supporting Role:

Oscars look red and gold by StylingNotes

Kennet Jay Lane ring; Bottega Veneta clutch; Gianbattista Valli gown, Casadei heels.

Ten 2014 calendars to buy online

The new year is here. It brings wishes, resolutions, and new exciting events to look forward to.  For me this year it would simply be a renovation and a baby – no big deal! But first of all: let’s get a new beautiful calendar, both for motivation and time-tracking. Here are some of my favourites, and you can click on the links to buy them!

Wanderlust calendar

Travel photography

Chicks in hats calendar

Sweet chicks

Chalkboard vinyl calendar

Chalkboard effect

fragile pocket calendar

Pocket size

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

Beach calendar


apple perpetual calendar


Vintage typewriters

Vintage typewriters

Cute animals calendar

Cute animals



September: magnolia look



This look was inspired by the beautiful magnolia trees in bloom in my neighborhood.

An all-natural palette of green, white and pink, combined with layered textures and simple tailoring.


elena scarmagnan

Flavio Castellani tweed crop jacket with chain detail; Topshop tank top; Zara light-quilted skirt; vintage green suede bag; Il Laccio heels.