Farewell Australia garden party

This farewell party was intimate and much heart-felt.

I wanted the warmth of the sentiment to come through the ambience as well, so I chose natural colours and textures like timber, straw, greenery, clay pots, and a rustic wire basket.

Farewell garden party buffet.

Farewell garden party buffet.

A thank you note was handwritten for each guest on brown recycled paper, and was hanging on a rope like clothes to dry.

Thank you notes for all the guests

Thank you notes for all the guests

The rest of the patio and garden was simply decorated with neutral colours.

garden party sitting area

garden party sitting area


March into a very stylish food festival

The annual March into Merivale food festival kicked off last Tuesday in big style.

Not just amazing food at popular prices, but also celebrity chefs, sensual tango and street-jazz, and Sydney’s most stylish people attending. Everything coated in a beautiful “European alley” atmosphere.

If you missed it, you’ve got until the end of March to attend all the other events. Check the program on March into Merivale.

Sydney wears the little black jacket

The Little Black Jacket, by Karl Lagerfield and Carine Roitfeld – Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay, Sydney – closes 11th November 2012

A charming industrial pier on Sydney harbour hosts Karl Lagerfield’s photographic exhibition on the iconic little black jacket. The exhibiting space is beautiful: extra-tall ceiling and timber beams, old wooden floors, a rusty industrial structure concealed behind black panels. This ex working space suspended on water smells like timber and salt.

The Chanel you expect stops at the entrance, where a vase of delicate white flowers sits on a black desk. From there on, it’s a whole new brand, so contemporary you forget we’re talking about a classic. The large black-and-white pictures, at a closer look, are made of dots like a Roy Lichtenstein’s print.  As you walk though the internal perimeter of the pier, you can experience the exhibition on several levels.

On a fashion level, you can see the collection as a styling exercise, in which stylist Carine Roitfeld shows how versatile the jacket is, in how many ways it can be worn, how easily it can be dressed up or down, and how many looks you end up with.

Even better, you can identify all the different styles created for the shots – baroque, grunge, Asian, sexy, ballet, tribal, French chic, hip hop, punk, collage… The little black jacket easily transforms itself each time and almost encourages you to leave your comfort zone and reinvent yourself.

Moving on to the historical level, you can also read the exhibition as a journey in time, and see how the jacket blends in with every era’s distinctive features: ruffles and collars of royal outfits of the 18th century, 20s and 30s tomboy looks, the 70s’ flower power, Uma Thurman’s shirt and perm straight from the 80s, rock and punk ensembles from the 90s.

Looking deeper, it also feels like you’re standing in front of a social and demographic display. Chanel’s garment crosses sex, age and social status barriers, seen here on both men and women, children and older people, wealthy ladies plus a waitress, a dominatrix mistress and a nun.

Finally, an entertaining way to work your way through the exhibition – and it’s very addictive – is to see if you can spot celebrities in the shots. You will find, among others, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Lili Allen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kanye West, Tilda Swinton.

Sydney Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012

On the 8th of September the shopping heart of Sydney lit up for a night of fashion and entertainment events, part of the internationally held  Vogue Fashion Night Out 2012.

I was there with my camera in hand and on my highest wedges to better see through the crowd and document the event. This is how it went.

The night developed under the Tower of Sydney, the high-density shopping area of the city.

Most shops offered Champagne and canapes to the costumers, together with special discounts and gifts with purchases.

Exhibitions, promotional events and themed decorations in the beautiful Strand Arcade.

The luxury lingerie boutique IM displayed pieces from their collections on live models.

Chatting with Josh Flinn at Alex Perry’s. The designer himself was taking care of customers and alterations. (picture from Sweaty Betty)

The beautiful fashion designer Anaessia was also in her Strand Arcade flagship store.

Entertainment meets fashion with these beautiful dancers from Rythm Brazil – it’s instant headpiece envy!

Let’s not forget the focus of the night: fashion! Retailers had the opportunity to present their recently arrived spring collections.  (picture taken at The Corner Shop)

Making myself comfortable at Bottega Veneta: doesn’t this bag go perfectly with my outfit? (Teal Intrecciato Nappa Tote)

What’s a Vogue Fashion Night Out without Vogue Fashion Director? Stunning Christine Centenera from Australian Vogue was busy all night with interviews and appearances.

And of course, on-and-behind-the-scenes queen was the glamorous, respected, hard-to-get, honorable Australian Vogue Editor in Chief Edwina McCann.



You are cordially invited to Styling Notes’ birthday party

Welcome to Styling Notes first birthday party!

Yes, it’s been 12 months since my Notes turned up on the web for the first time, and I think the readers and I should celebrate – with an imaginary party!

Picture this: summer sunset, a beautiful deck on the beach, palm trees lightened from the bottom up, black-and-white classic movies projected on a big screen, benches and sofas covered in colourful patterned  cushions, threads of fairy lights framing the sky above us. Then just add music, drinks, and food from all over the world.

After the welcome drinks, I will sincerely thank everyone who read the blog even just once, all of you known and unknown visitors that showed up in the site statistics next to your tiny flag: Australia, USA, Italy, Taiwan, Croatia, Germany, Ireland … It’s great to know that you’re going through the blog, and hopefully getting inspired!

After a few more drinks, it will be time to cut the cake – although we won’t need an actual knife, as it’s a tower of dainty cupcakes.

When crumbs and paper cases are all that’s left of the tower, I, as Styling Notes’ editor, will proudly unwrap the (imaginary) presents, consisting pretty much of …


The book

Dior Couture ($180)

The gown

Elie Saab haute couture

The accessory

Alain Mikli damier frames


The perfume


The linens

Frette hotel classic set in white

The piece of jewellery

Dior Diorette aquamarine and white gold (GBP 8600)

The handbag

Bottega Veneta Campana bag in ebony ($2680)


The holiday

Morocco, at the Four Seasons in Marrakesh

The piece of furniture

Hot pink Thonet chair ($180)


The flowers


Happy Birthday Styling Notes, and a huge thank you to all readers!