Dressed in rubbish

I stumbled on a video of a TED Talk yesterday, and so much of it is how I think too.

I especially applaude this woman’s experiment of wearing somebody else’s rubbish for a whole year.

As consumers, we are buying more clothes, paying them less, with the result of wasting precious resources (water, cotton, electricity…) manufacturing cheap and non durable items, that will end up in landfill much sooner.

Three things I would like you to take away from this video – especially if you won’t have the time to watch it all:

  1. follow your intuition: if you don’t like your job, surely there’s another career where you can make a difference
  2. buy the best: buy the highest quality clothes you can afford, and take care of them
  3. think again before throwing away: if a journalist can were rubbish for a year, maybe it wasn’t rubbish in the first place

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