How to dress up your hands – A rings story


stylingnotes rings 1

Adorne blue and silver ring; Lovisa silver criss-cross  ring; Adorne Aztec silver ring.


stylingnotes rings 2

Adorne silver thick bends; Lovisa black ring.


stylingnotes rings 3

Il Tempo Boutique (Verona) brass and green crystal ring, Adorne gold cube ring.


stylingnotes rings 4

Livio Sartori rose gold ring with star cut-out, shell ring from The Rocks Markets (Sydney), Adorne rose gold band.


stylingnotes rings 5

Lovisa red and silver ring, stack of square and round stainless steel rings (stylist’s own), Adorne cube ring.


stylingnotes rings 6

Lovisa blue bird ring, Adorne gold open band.


stylingnotes rings 7

Lovisa gold and blue maxi-ring, Lovisa gold ribbons ring, Mo Resin Jewellery gold-leaf ring.



Stylist: Elena Scarmagnan, Styling Notes

Photography: Styling Notes

Nails: OPI “Nein! Nein! Nein! OK fine!”


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