What we can learn from the red carpet

When you look at glamorous events pictures it’s easy to wish you were on the red carpet too. But think about the stress, the time, the energies and the money involved in the circus: sure you won’t crumble under the pressure and get a big pimple on your forehead?

For us who didn’t get invited to the Golden Globes the other day, looking at celebrities’ outfits is a good opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Can you see what would look great on you?


Eva Longoria Golden GlobesEva Longoria has a beautiful figure, but she’s very short. She probably wants to look taller, and she does that by using a big tall hair-do, a single-colour dress, high platforms, a vertiginous split, and a very low v-neck that shows a vertical strip of skin. They are all good tricks, but, if used all together, you risk the try-too-hard look. May I suggest a little less leg?

Golden Globes

A black gown and smoky eyes are a safe move, it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. The low v-neck works great with a small breast. The rigid cut of the dress and the bondage-style sandals are balanced with a messy bun and a soft shade of lipstick.

Nicole Kidman Golden Globes

Black is safe,  I was just saying, but I think Nicole’s stylist managed to mess it up, adding lace, dots and lines, studs, and an unusual curvy line under her breast. I think the aim was to enhance her bust, but I don’t think the overall result is flattering.

Sofia Vergara Golden Globes

Sofia, Sofia, Sofia… With that smile she would move an army! She’s wearing a classy, black, sequins gown with a sweetheart neckline. Her generous bust is mitigated by her soft long hair left down, so to break up all the uncovered skin.

Isla Fisher Golden Globes

The entire stock of a jeweller was stitched on this dress for a total-bling look on nude fabric. And it works, because the sparkle is the only detail of the whole look. The rest is understated cut, modest skin exposure, natural hair look, simple accessories. On the dress style, let me say this is an easy winner for almost all body shapes: medium V-neck, tight on the bodice and waistline, long column skirt with a sweep train.

Jennifer Garner Golden Globes

Almost identical cut for this gown, only sleeveless. Red is always flattering, you only have to make sure you get the right hue for your complexion. Again, the very simple cut is balanced with a very sofisticated fabric – deep red, sparkling and patterned.

jennifer lawrence golden globes

This beautiful dress is another red winner for me. It’s a cross between a ball gown and a mermaid style, but the classical cut turns surprising, thanks to the cheeky half-cups detail on the corset. Must be worn together with personality.

zooey-deschanel golden globes

This is a triple classic. First, it’s a ball gown, dreamy and extremely elegant. Second, it’s red. Third, it’s got a lovely sweetheart neckline, emphasised by romantic hairdo and pearls. Best worn with small breasts.

Naomi Watts Golden Globes

This dark red is beautiful on white skin. All the details work together: mermaid style, long sleeves, a detached train, matte and shiny fabric. The almost total coverage is absolute class, and goes perfectly with the 40s hair-style. Elegant and flattering.

Lucy Liu Golden Globes

This gown has the same dramatic and classic lines of a queen’s dress, but the twist is in the eccentric floral print. I think wearing a dress like this makes you stand out without any doubts. My only note, if you’re not too tall, the length and volume of this skirt will work against you.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

What went wrong here? All I can see looking at this picture is Halle Berry’s beautifully toned leg (wow), but let’s face it: the rest is a mess! This dress has a lot of things happening at once: a busy, undefinable print; shiny silk and overlapped layers of chiffon; a triple asymmetry (one shoulder, side split, and side cut on the waist).

I suggest wearing such an elaborate dress if you are tall, skinny, with a fair complexion.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Stylish cut, but the change from aqua pattern to black has a shortening effect. Perfect if you are very tall. Not recommended  if you have generous curves.

Jennifer Lopez Golden Globes

Jennifer Lopez is a massive user of the nude look. While I understand why you would do that on stage, I think here it totally works against her, making her look much wider than what she is. It would have worked better with black lace instead of white, and a side split showing a little leg. Keep that in mind if you have a curvy figure.

Heidi Klum Golden Globes

Heidi Klum goes white, with a strip of sparkling gold. A stunning white dress with a little detail, is another safe bet. And with Heidi’s legs and tan is even better. Also, note how classy it is to show only one leg and one arm. As for the accessories, the gold earrings, bracelets and heels are understated and work perfectly to drive all attention to the dress and the curves.

Lea Michele Golden Globes

This Elie Saab gown is a dream. The classy halter neck balances the high split, and the weight of the heavily-beaded fabric hugs and underlines the actress’ silhouette. Perfect for both skinny and curvy body shapes.

Anne Hathway Golden Globes

In my opinion, the extreme simplicity of this monochromatic ensemble  needs a serious kick – perhaps a diamonds cuff or chandelier earrings. The actress’ narrow shoulders and shy posture don’t help either, and as a result, the beautiful Anne is dangerously resembling a tree, or – worse – a pole.

This outfit will definitely work if you are voluptuous.

Kristen Bell Golden Globes

Beautiful choice of colour and sparkling details, but this princess cut with high neckline is not flattering at all for Kristen Bell. Her bust and neck look much shorter than normal, and it may seem that the woman has been squashed. Recommended for tall types, with a medium to long neck.


Shopping in Verona

I spent the last two weeks in Italy, and really enjoyed a winter Christmas!

If you haven’t been to Verona, I urge you to do so: amazing history and architecture, great food and wine, first-class shopping, all concentrated in a small, beautiful pedestrian centre.

This is my photographic report with tips and links!