Sam and the Bird’s style

Sam and the Bird is a celebrity for Sydney’s commuting community. His daily performances down in the tunnel under Central station are a brightening good morning. He doesn’t distribute leaflets, he doesn’t try to convert you to another religion, he just gives his music away, and we like it very much.

One morning I started taking pictures of him, as I thought his style had something special. He pairs his music with a masculine, romantic and respectful ensemble of pants, shirt and vest, often finished with a flat cap. Gentle tones, understated patterns, and comforting textures. He said to me, “I never thought I was particularly fashionable”. Correct, but when do we bother turning our head for soulless outfits put together only because they happen to be in fashion for five minutes? I think style is your way of wearing whatever you like, and it only works if you’re true to yourself.

Did I mention that he makes beautiful music? You can check out his Facebook page and buy his music on iTunes or, of course, in the tunnel under Sydney Central station.


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