Red soles tried for you at Christian Louboutin

Trying on beautiful shoes and leaving the shop without them can be very frustrating. It feels a bit better if you transform a non-fructuos shopping experience into a piece of information for everybody else, like I’m doing now.

I’ve seen the Christian Louboutin En Bout pumps at celebrities’ feet and on glossy magazines, but how are they in person?

Once I entered the Christian Louboutin Sydney boutique, my pick was the blue-and-green snakeskin design with PVC and studs. The PVC creates an illusion of bare feet, and drives all the attention to the studs and crystal-embellished tip – sexy and intimidating at the same time. The shoe fit is very tight: I had to go up a size and still found it pretty restrictive, although, I have to say, the double strap around your ankle makes walking almost comfortable.

Less statement but still outstanding are the other designs available: black or silver with crystals and studs, and colourful in plain patent leather.

These absolute beauties retail at a four-digit price starting with “2”.

And here are my ratings on a scale from one to five:








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