Typewriting in fashion

It’s almost Spring 2012 down in Sydney, when the Northern-hemisphere-centric fashion world is already focusing on Summer 2013. So why not flipping through next winter collections to complete the picture?

One of my favourite and most iconic pieces from the catwalks is Mary Katrantzou’s typewriter dress. This dress alone is a complete outfit, it doesn’t even need earrings.

The designer expands the concept of clashing prints incorporating pop-culture style, romance, and futuristic volumes.

The typewriter printed on the fabric is a mass-produced plastic design, nothing too intellectual, something that reminds of offices and secretaries: it’s the pop working tool elevated to art-status.

The everyday look of the utilitarian object clashes with a romantic ornamental print, sculptural like the iron gate of a sumptuous villa.

To add depth, the skirt cut recreates the dramatic volumes of theatrical costumes through an architecture of waves, folds and doubled fabric.

Finally, an element of rigor is introduced by the rigid collar and the straight lines on the shoulders, as a subtle military touch.

All of these details together contribute to a beautifully crafted stand-out piece of fashion, a dress that is an outfit by itself, no need to add earrings.

Brilliant idea, but not out of the blue. There’s a whole typewriter-loving movement, a nostalgic trend that goes through fashion, accessories, and gadgets. My theatre director back in Italy never stopped using his typewriter to edit scripts, refusing to convert to computers. He will be happy to know that the retro charm of typewriters is totally back on stage.




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