6 Pick-me-up style tips

So many things can influence our mood and how we feel about ourselves: the weather, what we eat, whether we had enough sleep or not, what happens on our way to work, the way our hair looks… Sometimes we just need to help ourselves to feel better, and I have a few suggestions about it:

1.      Dress in orange or yellow. These warm colours symbolize happiness, sunshine and energy, and will lift your spirit and promote cheerfulness around you.

Braided statement necklace by Whimsical Jewellery (Etsy.com)

2.  Wear an edgy piece of jewellery. Colourful earrings or a fun necklace will make everyone smile and start a conversation with you.
3.  Put on heels. It may seem like an extra effort, but walking in heels will force you to keep your posture straight and your chin up.
4.  Go for red. It’s the colour of blood, fire, and strength. Even if you don’t feel empowered straight away, people around you will perceive you as stronger than what you actually are.
5. Slip into luxurious lingerie. Try wearing it secretly under your work clothes for an interview or an important business presentation and you’ll get a boost of confidence. You will feel beautiful underneath, and nobody has to know!
6. Wear one of your favourite pieces. Put on something that reminds you of a happy experience, a place you love, or someone you admire.

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