Jewellery world tour

Sit down now, and relax.
I want to take you on a jewelery-shopping trip around the world.
Just follow me, and keep a debit card within reach.

JAPAN: Concrete rings by Studio 22 on (USD49,00)

HONG KONG: Shannnam Fragmented Chronicles resin rings (EUR72,00 – 82,00 each)

ISRAEL: Alaya Bar necklace and earrings are available online on Mon Petit Chou (AUD189,00 and 149,00)

TURKEY: Anatolia lion silver ring available at The Family Jewels for AUD67,00

POLAND: Honeycomb ring by Carolina Bik (USD80,00) on Object Fetish

ITALY: La Hormiga fairy and squirrel earrings EUR67,00; adjustable ring EUR34,00; gold-plated owl earrings EUR62,00; asymmetrical flower and bee earrings EUR84,00. All from La Hormiga online shop

FRANCE: Taratata pewter bracelets EUR 40.80 and  EUR 57,00 (on sale) from Olivolga

SPAIN: Spanish & Sisters green modernist bracelet, EUR80 on their e-shop

USA: Gotham City ring by Noir, USD239,00 on Charm and Chain

USA: Juicy Cotoure designs from L.A.: pearl earrings and perrot drops earrings GBP50 each pair on from Selfridges; hummingbird bangle USD98 on Juicy Couture e-shop

MEXICO: Carmen Zambrano silver gift ring from Lost at a Minor (AUD120)

ARGENTINA: Pebeta Teta earrings sets GBP10,50 each from Ans Designs


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