Quintessentially Riviera (Romagnola)


If you have ever holidayed on the Adriatic Riviera of Italy, you will remember the army of umbrellas and sun beds lined up on kilometres of flat white beach. The coastline is nothing like the stunning natural beauty of Australian beaches, but it’s one that generations of Italians grew up with and enjoyed every summer.

Most Adriatic beaches offer volleyball courts, miniclub, playgrounds, free magazines, gym, happy hour and a deejay at sunset. If that’s not for you, you can always just lay on your comfortable sun bed and flirt back at the perfectly groomed bagnino (lifesaver). Because in Italy, believe it or not, when you go to the beach you don’t necessarily go for a swim.

That strip of coast, however, is not only famous for mass tourism, great food and countless nightlife options, but also for craftsmanship and creative talents – Federico Fellini, Tod’s and Giuseppe Zanotti to name a few. So it’s not surprising that a small group of entrepreneurs from Pesaro had the idea of using the iconic stripy beach-bed canvas to create a pop range of bags and accessories. They simply called it Brandina (sun bed). The colourful range includes leather details and plenty of different designs. To carry the essence of Italian beach life with you, visit the online shop or one of the Brandina stores.


Maxiskirt – how to pull it off

Who doesn’t love maxiskirts? Instant style without fuss, legs don’t need to be absolutely perfect – you know what I mean – and the flow of the fabric while you walk is absolutely feminine.

Unfortunately, if you are really short a maxiskirt probably isn’t the best choice, but otherwise, all bodytypes can wear them just keeping in mind a few tips:

  • Show your waistline with a tight top and add a belt if you want to
  • Because your legs are completely covered, uncover skin on your upper body with a sleeveless  and/or  low-cut top
  • If you have generous hips, choose a dark-coloured fabric with less gather
  • If your maxiskirt is a solid colour, go for a patterned top, or statement necklace, or many necklaces together

About flowers, bees, leafs and birds – Botanical look

Stella McCartney botanical print bag

Going through the Stella McCartney Resort 2011 refreshed my evergreen passion for all things botanical: framed vintage prints, wallpaper, unholstery, accessories.
There is something childlike in the colourful illustrations of flowers and mushrooms, and it’s calming at the same time.
Luckily, we need to look no further than Etsy or local artists to grow our own personal botanical collection.

Kirstin Ash ring, Winter Tree earrings, Love Hate Australia mushroom brooch, Bolongaro Trevor botanical dress, Kirstin Ash pendants, Herbarium resin earrings (Etsy), Funky House sparrow earrings, Nesti Dante Horto Botanico soap