Shoes – My Vicini crush

I was going to university in Padua back in 2004 when, while window-shopping after class, the most beautiful foot-jewellery stole my heart.
Imagine a futuristic, pointy sneaker with a gold glittery surface as rough as 50-grit sandpaper. It was love at first sight. But the price tag said 200 Euro, pretty much four Saturdays of pay …
While I talked about them passionately, my girlfriends were immune to the sparkling charm of the shoes I adored, and kept questioning the worth of the investment. I got their point: my nightlife consisted of free-entry Wednesday nights at the student club, after all. Luxury sneakers are not exactly the most appropriate shoes to wear in winter on the bus, on the train, at university, and back home.

That was the first time I met a pair of Vicini. I later discovered that the label was quite well-established in luxury made-in-Italy manufacturing, also producing Giuseppe Zanotti designs.

In the end, I didn’t get the sneakers, but they stayed in my heart and my mind for all these years.
Too bad I can’t find a picture of my crush online, but have a look at the silver version  plus some amazing recent designs.


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