Academy Awards 2014 – My Oscars fashion

The Oscars night is more of an Oscars morning, if you live in Australia.

Hollywood’s Sunday night is Sydney’s Monday morning, so the best you can do is to keep an eye on a website covering the event: the arrivals on the red carpet, the show, and the winners. Unless, of course, you plan on catching the replay on TV, in which case you need to stay away from it all.

And then there’s the fashion. It’s the moment for designers and stylists to shine. Who cares about the actors, when we can comment on every single choice of outfit like a panel of experts!

Well, it’s easy to judge somebody else’s job, but how would I go?

Find here the two looks I’ve created for the night. And don’t even worry about the price tags:  when it’s for the Oscars, it’s all borrowed!


Best Female Actress in a Leading Role:

Oscars outfit in black and gold by StylingNotes

Aurelie Bidermann gold cuff bracelet; Jason Wu gown; Giuseppe Zanotti heels; Hedone Romane earrings.



Best Female Actress in a Supporting Role:

Oscars look red and gold by StylingNotes

Kennet Jay Lane ring; Bottega Veneta clutch; Gianbattista Valli gown, Casadei heels.

Ten 2014 calendars to buy online

The new year is here. It brings wishes, resolutions, and new exciting events to look forward to.  For me this year it would simply be a renovation and a baby – no big deal! But first of all: let’s get a new beautiful calendar, both for motivation and time-tracking. Here are some of my favourites, and you can click on the links to buy them!

Wanderlust calendar

Travel photography

Chicks in hats calendar

Sweet chicks

Chalkboard vinyl calendar

Chalkboard effect

fragile pocket calendar

Pocket size

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig

Beach calendar


apple perpetual calendar


Vintage typewriters

Vintage typewriters

Cute animals calendar

Cute animals



September: magnolia look



This look was inspired by the beautiful magnolia trees in bloom in my neighborhood.

An all-natural palette of green, white and pink, combined with layered textures and simple tailoring.


elena scarmagnan

Flavio Castellani tweed crop jacket with chain detail; Topshop tank top; Zara light-quilted skirt; vintage green suede bag; Il Laccio heels.

Gala Trend Launch at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney

It all happened inside the beautiful Sydney Town Hall building. Think red carpet, photographers, guests, drinks, sponsors, waiters, models, even shiny confetti shot from cannons. Most of us watched the fashion through the screens of smartphones that shined in the dark like high-tech candles. A lot of twitting and instagramming.

And then, of course, there were clothes.

I noticed the persistence of some trends already seen on both catwalks and streets in the past few years: lacy dresses, crop tops, stripes and sacred-images prints.

But these were my favourite stand-out trends:

Ethereal beauty

Designers know exactly how a woman’s body is, and those who enhance it with beautiful flattering designs have all my praise. Impalpable, transparent and floral always add another level to the natural beauty of a woman.

Sculptural neoprene

Among all the designers who used neoprene, the award goes to Toni Maticevski, who made the most of the material’s properties, still keeping elegance and feminine silhouette in focus. He didn’t upset proportions and never cut the figure in awkward segments, creating structured waves, volumes, and unpredictable red-carpet elegance.

Surprising tailoring

Contemporary cut-outs, rigorous shapes spiced up by a crazy pattern, and all the well-balanced contemporary classics.

An Australian in Italy – chronicle of a shopping holiday


A trip to Italy is for me like diving in a second life, where everything is familiar and doesn’t require much effort.

Every time I go back to my home country I seem to realise something new – which confirms the theory that you need to distance yourself from something to really see it.

Lessons I’ve learnt this time include:

Italians really are a bit crazy and unpredictable behind the wheel – including those grandmas driving at 25km per hour no matter what, and the younger ones who don’t see any problem in overtaking 3 cars at a time;

Italian families are so close together that everyone gets a say on any topic –  whether your latest purchase was worth the money, where you should go for dinner and where you should park your car before going to the theatre;

something must have seriously changed in my style if some Italian shop assistants spoke to me in English as I entered their shops.

My holiday in Italy also implies meeting friends for dinner and drinks, catching up with local culture and music, and enjoying the beautiful urban landscape that I miss so much: villas, castles, Roman monuments, and all the ancient details that make such a gorgeous scenery.

And, of course, there’s the fashion, and the shopping opportunities I make sure I don’t miss.

Here’s what inspired me this year, and what I bought.

garden door
Door to a public garden in Torri del Benaco
Il Laccio leather sandals
Il Laccio leather sandals
House with staircase in Verona
Boats at Bardolino port
White cotton tank, TFR cropped jeans, Diesel scarf.
White cotton tank, TFR cropped jeans, Diesel scarf.
On a private beach in Riccione, sunbeds are aligned and ready for the next morning
Kontatto maxidress
Kontatto maxidress
My cone of “bacio” ice crem, at Gelateria Patagonia
Walking over the beautiful Castelvecchio bridge in Verona
Neoprene clutch (at Il Laccio Verona), Zara maxiskirt
Neoprene clutch (at Il Laccio Verona), Zara maxiskirt
Opera props stored in front of the Arena of Verona
Flavio Castellani jacket; Il Laccio high-heel sandals
Flavio Castellani jacket; Il Laccio high-heel sandals
Sunset on a private soccer field

How to dress up your hands – A rings story


stylingnotes rings 1

Adorne blue and silver ring; Lovisa silver criss-cross  ring; Adorne Aztec silver ring.


stylingnotes rings 2

Adorne silver thick bends; Lovisa black ring.


stylingnotes rings 3

Il Tempo Boutique (Verona) brass and green crystal ring, Adorne gold cube ring.


stylingnotes rings 4

Livio Sartori rose gold ring with star cut-out, shell ring from The Rocks Markets (Sydney), Adorne rose gold band.


stylingnotes rings 5

Lovisa red and silver ring, stack of square and round stainless steel rings (stylist’s own), Adorne cube ring.


stylingnotes rings 6

Lovisa blue bird ring, Adorne gold open band.


stylingnotes rings 7

Lovisa gold and blue maxi-ring, Lovisa gold ribbons ring, Mo Resin Jewellery gold-leaf ring.



Stylist: Elena Scarmagnan, Styling Notes

Photography: Styling Notes

Nails: OPI “Nein! Nein! Nein! OK fine!”